Monday, November 19, 2012

Part 2 of the bike racing post just without the bike racing

All this bike racing has really been getting in the way of life. I have been spending a very limited time in the woods. That is not only bad for the psyche, but didnt help my pursuit of the white tail during bow hunting season. This summer I acheived a goal of producing a bow from the landscape, but I just didnt have the time to practice enough to reliably make the clean shot. Actually making a shot on target is rare. So I stuck with my hand me down compound bow with sights. Not the end of the world. But lacking time in the woods, that was limited in productivity as well. Which is OK. Sitting in the woods is nice. It's not all about bringing home a deer. It's about connections to the real (natural) world. A connection to an activity that is fundamental to being human. Also eating good food and filling a predator void created by our imbalances. The unfortunate thing is I failed because I am lacking the connection to the real world and I miss out on the other three things because of it.

Yesterday I was surprised to hear a little bit on de-evolution in somewhat mainstream media. Well, on Wait wait don't tell me, which pulls it's humor from the media. They even used the term, which I don't totally embrace, but the theory was there. It's not surprising to me that it is so rare to hear it even mentioned. It has no easy solution. It might not even have a difficult one. Climate change? Cake. Stop burning fossil fuels, which are unnecessary for human life. Easy. So called de-evolution deals with a fundamental human trait. Our nasty little habit of controlling everything in our environment. What we control we remove from the great balance. What is removed is, well, off balance. The point of the skit on the radio was that human are getting dumber. That's a pretty broad generalization, but the point is without natural selection, there is no reason a smart person would be more successful at breeding than a dumb person. Just like a person predisposed for cancer, heart disease, poor eyesight, etc has no problem passing those genetics on to the next generation.

Now to tie these two topics together I'll talk about a recent event in the woods around my home. Opening day of gun season for white tail deer. De-evolution at work. These are not wise and capable hunters. Seriously, "hunting" with a gun is about as hard as going to the grocery store. It takes about the same effort and that is evident by the sight of some of these characters out there. It also takes about as much wisdom. The gun does all the work. Deer didn't evolve to avoid bullets sailing from a hundred yards away. All you do is sit and line up the sights. You dont even have to sit in the right spot really. Just a general vicinity, which is almost hard not to be if you are in the woods or field. They don't really need to aim that well either. Again general vicinity is good enough. Bullet goes through bone. With bow hunting at least you have to be sitting within like 20 yards of an unsuspecting deer that has to be facing a certain direction. Today this is considered "really hard". While yeah, I am unsuccessful so far, it really isn't so hard in the big picture. It's only hard because we are so far removed. Modern bows are really just quiet, short range guns. All the bells and whistles. If we think about how much time and experience we have with something like driving, and imagine if we spent that time learning to hunt from childhood......yeah, modern bow hunting is anything but difficult. All this being said, I guess I dont have any problem with gun hunting, other than the noise and the obnoxious people. If it's like going to the grocery store, well, at least it's fulfilling those two things mentioned above. They are eating good meat and filling that predator void. Now trophy hunting? No excuses. Trophy hunters are unskilled, misguided, meat heads. Humans used to be a component in natural selection. We culled the weak from the gene pool of our prey. Now these idiots go out and shoot the biggest and strongest with a rifle from a quarter mile away. I wonder what that's doing for the genetics of our prey?


  1. Dan,
    Curious question, if you do manage to kill a deer this season, what will you do to store/cure the meat?
    Salt cure? Somehow age/cure? I'm not entirely familiar with any of the processes, but I'm sure there is a solution.

    Good luck.

  2. In the perfect world where I have time (I think they call that hunter gatherer life) it would be my goal to go primitive all the way. From weapon to belly. Concerning primitive meat storage that would mean if its cold, the meat could hang, but if its warm, id be pulling an overnighter. Jerky all the meat. Not jerky like we think of. Native jerky is dried meat. Period. Everything gets cut thin and dried in the sun and air with a fire closeby. Smoke serves the purpose of keeping pest away during the drying process but also adds a flavor. No salt, nitrites, spices, etc. The carcass has many more resources too that would be part of the process. Sinew, hide, fat, bone, etc

    In the not perfect world I would take it to a butcher and then put it in a friends freezer because I had to get up and drive to a bike race in the morning.

  3. I had/have similar thoughts on de-evolution of the human species- kind of a misanthropic view that we will end up differentiating into "breeds" (not unlike dogs/cats) of intelligent/athletic/etc humans and those with, ummm, less desirable inherited traits.

    If you get a pair of race skis, you can share almost all of Andy M's hobbies and listen to even more stories.

    See ya at NBX.

  4. Bike races, always getting in the way.
    Good rides this weekend Dan, good luck the rest of the season.

  5. Just read an article on how there are more deer than ever before, less hunters yet the hunting industry has higher sales than ever selling all kinds of gadgets and gizmos to aid in harvesting a white tail. maybe in Garden & Gun magazine...
    I'd like to get into bow hunting but I already do enough sports that require way too much gear so I'll continue on with my slug gun and a plastic bucket to sit on.

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