Tuesday, September 17, 2013

health care update

Things are certainly looking very challenging for me this season on the bike, but maybe even more challenging in looking for a remedy for my leg problems. I have spent a good portion of my summer keeping the process moving along, only to be denied coverage by my insurance coverage recently. To be more accurate, I was denied coverage for this operation out-of-state. I have been informed many times by any expert I can find that I should see a specialist for this operation, indicating that this is not a simple run-of-the-mill operation. The specialists seem to all be out-of-state. Out-of-state specialists are expensive so the insurance company would rather I go on down to the butcher and see what they can do.

Well isn't that just dandy.

Green Mountain CX

I really can't say for sure at this point, but after the first races and the training for them out of the way, it's my perception that things are a little worse in the left leg blood flow department. It's hard to say as bike/shoe/cleat set up is always a big factor for me in the beginning of the season as well. Either way, things certainly could be worse.

I just finished up the first weekend of racing up in lovely Williston, VT. Day one was a good training day. Bout all I can say to that. I was in the mix on Sunday, particularly lap one. I know, I know. Who CAN'T be in the mix on lap one? True, but I felt really comfortable. Like my old self.

On lap two things in that leg went downhill and lap times plummeted. I just pinned that stupid leg and drove the bike as fast as I could and hung on for tenth. Actually I upped it on the last lap and made a ridiculous last corner pass to make up two spots and sneak a UCI point from, of all people, my old teammate who is perpetually 11th. I owe him one.

Anyway....day two was fun and it's really nice to see everyone again.